don't sit there. look at you.
why so pathetic for? you're not?
then go do something.
what the fuck you waiting for?
you either want it or you don't. it's your choice.
sure, i can post pretty pictures and inspiring words to motivate you.
but in the end, it's all up to YOU.
so do yourself a favor, get up, and work out.
harder, better, faster, stronger.
I'm making myself a fighter.
Are you game?

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I respect fit runners and I respect overweight runners. I respect fast runners and I respect slow runners. I respect people who run 5 miles and I respect people who run 25 miles. I respect people who run in group and I respect solo runners. I respect shirtless runners and I respect fully clothed runners. I respect walkers, joggers, and sprinters. I respect female runners and I respect male runners. I respect young runners and I respect old runners. I respect winter, spring, summer, fall runners. My point is this: the first step out the front door is the hardest, and I respect anyone who takes it.

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